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Booking Your Appointment

Appointments can be booked using the website (preferably) or via whatsapp. 


New clients may be required to pay a deposit of 50% of their service total before their appointment is approved.  Contact us for more details.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any client for improper behavior, lateness, no shows or any other situation we deem to be inappropriate.

Your Appointment

Masks must be worn before, during and after your appointment.  No Mask, No Service!


Please let the technician know if you are allergic to any chemicals, substances, nail products, e.g. acrylic monomer, primer.  In addition, to safeguard your heath, it is important to let the technician know if you are diabetic or undergoing treatment for cancer or any other illness.  This will allow the technician to be extra careful when performing services especially pedicures. Note: Some services may require written consent from your doctor.


No additional persons including children are allowed to accompany you unless they are being serviced.

Cancellation & No Show

Your appointment is reserved just for you.  Please inform us at least 24 hours before if you need to change or cancel your appointment. Note: if the same client "No-shows" on more than two occasions, re-booking any future appointments will not be permitted.

Late Arrival

​Life is unpredictable and things do happen. We understand that sometimes unexpected situations are unavoidable, hence you may need to change your appointment. We will always try our best to accommodate you if your are running behind schedule for whatever reason; however, lateness can affect the schedule negatively. Thus, due to scheduling commitments with other clients, we may need to reschedule your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late.

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